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 A Higher Standard of Senior Living

At Hillside Manor, we consider it our privilege to care for your loved ones.  Our staff is dedicated to meeting your loved ones needs, from assisting with every day care to providing enriching activities and serving delicious, healthy meals, Hillside Manor offers something to suit everyone's unique needs. 


Levels of Care

At Hillside Manor, we understand that each resident is a unique individual with unique needs.  That is why we offer three level of care packages. Our professional staff will assess your loved one to determine which package will be most appropriate.


Level One 

  • All Medication Management

  • Bathing, Dressing, Grooming assistance

  • Reminders of Meals and Activities


Level Two 

  • All Level One care listed

  • Incontinence Management

  • Additional Assistance with bathing and grooming

  • Escort to meals/activities

  • Transfer assistance to bed, toilet, etc...

  • Wound Care

  • Increased Supervision

Level Three

Includes levels One and Two in addition to-

  • Complete care (resident is unable to assist with care/transfer)

  • Resident awaiting transfer to higher level of care

  • Hospice Care



Attractive Amenities

Newly renovated facility offering completely private rooms, as well as semi-private companion suites. 

Our facility offers a full service chapel where residents are welcome to worship their faith at any time, in addition to weekly and religious holiday services.
Outdoor patio area overlooking community garden and park

 Convenient Location

Hillside Manor is located in Turtle Creek within a mile

of the Monroeville Mall. 

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